Falls Awareness

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Falls Awareness Week runs every year to promote the services and interventions that can help reduce the risk of a fall, and encourage older people to get active in later life. Events are held around the UK. The National Falls Awareness Service week offers an opportunity for older people, relatives and carers to find out more about falls and take part in the local classes and services that can help to prevent them.

New prices now available through the link below, offering great savings for all NHS authorities procurement and Local Councils Community Healthcare as well as Age Uk offering help on the Falls Prevention Day or who wish to offer "Sloppy Slipper Exchanges."

Call 07834 986108 or email d.j.millar@spencerandpenn.co.uk for information on slippers we offer that are suitable for the slipper exchange programs offered by health care professionals to assist in falls prevention for the elderly in hospitals or care homes.

The "Sloppy Slipper" name, registered by a slipper manufacturer, is used by many falls awareness schemes which aim to provide older people with slippers to assist in avoiding slips and falls within the home.

While we are not wholesalers we are able to offer substantial discounts for bulk purchases of some of the items shown on this site, and we show below some of the styles we have provided to health improvement teams within local authorities and health trusts. Please feel free to call us for friendly advice on the right slippers to offer at the best prices. As this service has developed we are able to offer bulk supplies of slippers at very favourable rates to care homes, local authorities and NHS and private hospitals. Further information is available through this link to our parent website: www.spencerandpenn.co.uk

The Annual Falls Awareness Week is presented as being an opportunity to encourage people in later life to find out more about falls prevention and take part in local activities to reduce their risk of falling, as having a fall in later life must be a concern as the older we are the more serious the consequences can be, both physically and emotionally. It therefore makes sense to take care of your feet, they support your body. Foot problems or badly fitting or worn shoes and slippers can alter your walking pattern and can upset your balance. So its a good idea to replace worn out slippers as damaged soles or loose slippers can be dangerous. Many accidents happen when people pop outside so if you do this regularly ensure your slipper soles have good grip if at all possible.

If a you are health care worker looking for further information on the slippers we supply for sloppy slipper campaigns or other related falls prevention schemes we have available a print out of the slippers and bulk prices available. Simply click on the NHS link above to get further information. The pricing page is password protected so call to verify your details and for pass key.

If your health improvement team is planning to have a falls awareness day or program of events we will be able to help with the range of slippers we have carefully chosen. Chosen by features such as durability, slip resistance, availability and a reasonable price to keep you within budget. Some slippers in the range are also washable. Please feel free to give us a call to gain access to the information available and to talk over your requirements for slippers for a falls prevention event.

We have successfully helped many health authorities with these products, so our experience of the slippers that will work for your event is worthwhile tapping in to. You can call on 07834986108 or email us at d.j.millar@spencerandpenn.co.uk to gain more information on the slippers we offer for NHS and local authorities falls prevention and exchange schemes. We also have helped charitable trusts by supplying slippers at an affordable price.

The need for footwear within the home that helps with preventing falls is now well catered for. We stock a large number of slippers/house shoes that have been designed with these needs in mind. For example some will have a supportive back counter to increase stability, while also having a hard wearing sole suitable for indoor or outdoor wear. Often these slipper will also have adjustable velcro straps, designed for easy access and maximum adjustment. Knowing that feet will often swell during the day some have been designed with the added advantage of a removable insole, thus giving greater depth in the slipper if needed.

Many of the slippers we have chosen to keep in stock are wider and deeper than usually found in shops. Many of these styles of Velcro slippers are machine washable which adds to their appeal. The uppers will be flexible yet firm and the fabric uppers are soft enough to accommodate swollen feet, or bunions too.

We find that our Slipper range is very popular with health professionals. The slippers chosen offer styles suitable for the elderly  or those being served by falls projects. These velcro slippers are stylish, comfortable, wide fitting and offer good stability to the wearer. They are produced with a rubber sole offering less chance of the wearer slipping due to inferior sole material. It is an established fact that many slippers used by the elderly are ill fitting and well worn, so these wide fit slippers with velcro straps are an ideal solution at a sensible price. There are of course many factors causing falls within the home, but good house shoes or slippers are certainly a first step in preventing accidents in the home, especially for the elderly.